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I Forgot To Cry

Allow me to tell you a story about the time that I forgot to cry...

I reached for the hurt... I reached for the anger but the Lord told me to tell him bye!

I said, “but he tried to hurt me, he cheated and the whole thing was just a lie!”

“He chose to do this to me

and I really wanna know why?!”

The Lord said, “forget about it, it’s not even worth it, so don’t you even try!”

“Don’t try to understand the when’s, the how’s, or even the why’s!”

“My daughter, you have Kingdom work to do, so for distractions, you don’t have time!”

“I told you and I meant what I said, to tell him goodbye!”

I got so busy working and trying to do things God’s way that I forgot about it and the time just flew by!

Back then... I tried to reach for the tears and they wouldn’t come, you wanna know why?

Because the Lord held and protected my heart and THIS, my Pastor prophesied...

Now he’s made a fake page and would you believe the audacity, he is REALLY trying to spy?!

Trying to sneak into “Gray & Loving It,” but one the Admins caught it and told him to back off and he needs to get a life!

Talking bout’ he has a gray goatee and can you accept me... 😂 🤣😂lolololololol WHY?!

Ni... I mean boy... ain’t you married now?! I ain’t mad at ya but BOY BYE!!!

Got me cracking all the way up from deep down on the inside!

Oh yeah he did this whole mess a while ago and RECENTLY made that fake page and caused me to remember, so I decided to write..

All about a long time ago... that I forgot to cry!

But why would I? 🙌🏽


I am J La Trina and writing is my therapy...✍🏽

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