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J LaTrina


J La Trina

J La Trina has a ministry of helps and she is also known as the connector. She has designed this group to inspire and encourage ALL walks of life through sharing information on All forms of Worshipping God through the Arts & Community Events... The information will be shared around the world. She has a segment called, "Shining the Spotlight" and she’ll shine it on anyone that’s doing a great work for the Lord. Inspirational poetry is shared also. She is often quoted as saying, “You never know what someone else has that you may be in need of.”






J La Trina is the CEO of J La Trina LLC and No More Secrets Media Productions LLC. She is living life in another dimension of expression where she believes that impossibility is not her story. She’s currently working on a new book of poetry as well as one that will highlight her life story and road to victory. Her goal is to bless people by her failures, victories, and future. This is J La Trina, Arise, Go Forth, & Conquer!

After appearing on many radio talk shows, she has an taken on a new venture as Host of “No More Secrets!” with J La Trina which is broadcast out of the studio of WIGO AM 1570 The Lite a Sheridan Gospel Network Affiliate which can be heard “live” every Monday at 8pm Est. You may listen by visiting or This show will deal with bringing healing and wholeness to the offender and the offended.


J LaTrina Presents

"Beauty from the Inside Out"

"Beauty From the Inside Out" for Single Mothers Only, is my personal journey of deliverance from, receiving verbal abuse most of my life, molestation, Lupus, depression, domestic violence, adultery, divorce, and how God turned this around! The Lord has done this thing!!!

You will hear my story... I began this
journey 15 years ago after hearing messages of deliverance from Dr. Kent Branch and actually experiencing deliverance by fasting, praying, and consecration. The Lord placed people in my life such as the late Pastor Agnes Hanson that gave me His instructions. 

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