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The Essential Workers Prayer

Father in the Name of Jesus,

Protect and guide YOUR Servants, the Essential Workers during this season as they honor YOU in their ministry of helps by standing on the frontline.

I cancel EVERY plot, plan, trick, and assignment of the wicked one that would come to distract or deter them.

Allow no evil or sickness to befall them.

It is with Your authority that I speak peace over their minds daily.

Protect their ear gates to hear clearly and their eyes gates to see as sharply as the Eagles.

Lord give them wisdom far greater than You gave Solomon.

Cover them from the crown of their head to the soul of their feet in Your blood Jesus.

Lord keep their homes full of ALL the nourishments they need. May they lack NOTHING in this season or seasons to come.

Allow them to come into the knowledge that You are Lord over ALL, if they don’t already know.

Strengthen their relationship with You if it needs to be strengthened and while You’re strengthening, cause their bonds with their families to become impenetrable.

Now Lord, when the day is done, allow them to be at peace knowing that they have done what is sufficient for the day.

Allow them to sleep peacefully and arise refreshed...

It is in Your Name Jesus that I ask these things...

Amen 🧎🏽‍♀️

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